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a photo of the founder of yilea therapy

Sharon Obiye, MSW, RSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

I’m a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. I am also registered with Alberta College of Social Workers. I have a Master in Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. I have a wealth of experience in social services, child welfare, and psychotherapy.

I have over seven years experience working in various frontline and managerial roles in both Alberta and Ontario, ensuring children, youth and families receive appropriate support and services to foster safety, wellbeing, and independence. My passion for supporting marginalized children and youth and addressing over representation started in these roles. I continue to provide education on Anti-Black Racism in child welfare system and mentored child protection workers to pay attention to systemic barriers when providing services to families.

I migrated to Canada as an international student more than 15 years ago, I understand the challenges involved in transitioning to a new culture or system, battling with the internal struggles of maintaining your personal, family, and cultural values which are not Eurocentric. These experiences are the bedrock of who I am today and what I stand for.

My diverse background and knowledge over the years has equipped me to provide a diverse range of services to a diverse population. I provide services to different groups in a manner that is comfortable and in line with their own values.

About Yiléa Therapy

Yiléa Therapy Services is a safe space to many struggling with mental health or life issues. We provide a range of services that are accessible and strive to give each client a sense of belonging. Yiléa Therapy Services has a foundation that recognizes the identity of every individual and all factors that make us whole. Our uniqueness is linked to identifying the different life struggles that make our day-to-day function more difficult than expected but also acknowledging the existing strengths.


We believe that a problem shared is a problem half solved so seeking our services has brought you 50% closer to a solution to whatever you are going through. We provide services to Adolescents, Adults and Couples who are struggling with the following issues: Anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, relationship challenges, racial discrimination, workplace issues, life transitions, parenting, grief and loss, and family conflicts. We also offer a specialized package for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training available for Corporate settings or workspace.

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